I will not apologize for loving life. I won’t apologize for weeping at sad movies that portray sad realities that many of us actually experience in life. If God hadn’t wanted us to enjoy honorable love-relationships He wouldn’t have given us the capacity and opportunity to enjoy them. And if He gave us the capacity to rejoice in them then He gave us the capacity to miss them when we lose them. I won’t apologize for feeling my heart jerk when I hear a little boy weep because he misses his dad or mom. I won’t apologize for loving happy endings even though I know that in life not every ending is a happy one. Maybe especially because I know that every ending is not a happy one.

I won’t apologize for dismissing cynics and those that jeer at people they call sentimental just because they themselves have hearts of stone about (almost) everything. I won’t apologize for dreaming of a day when everybody will treat everyone as they ought to be treated. I won’t apologize for believing that God will right all wrongs and make it up to all the defenseless who down the generations have been robbed and abused from the day they arrived here until the day they were butchered or starved right out of life.

I won’t apologize for saying that realism includes the lovely in life as well as the horrible. I know about child abuse, up close and personal, but I also know about little children in their millions that are loved and protected, fed and adored. I know about literary and movie muck but I also know about great movies, wonderful music and mesmerizingly great literature. I know about marital infidelity and the swaggering braggarts among us that exult in it but I also know of those who not only don’t engage in it but don’t even think of it because they couldn’t be more content than they are with their spouse and because they honor their word in faithfulness.

I won’t apologize for thinking that John Lennon was a fool to look (as in his hauntingly lovely song Imagine) to “the brotherhood of Man” to supply humanity’s needs and do away with the need for God, heaven and judgment. I won’t apologize either for wanting what his song spoke of—no war, no need to kill someone for something fine and right. What he wanted was no problem; in our best moments we all want as much but to think we can achieve it without God’s help and influence is untrue. The best about John Lennon (and he wasn’t all bad) he got from God and the influence of the Lord Jesus though John didn’t know it.

I won’t apologize for thinking that celebrities like Bob Geldof and others are supremely selfish when they ignore the injustice heaped on countless millions down the years and say they’re pleased that life ends with eternal sleep. That might be good news for the wealthy who enjoy freedom and the comforts of life and and are free from abusive tyrants and Nazi commandants but how could we be pleased that there’s no vindication for the countless oppressed, sold or slaughtered?

I won’t apologize for believing that Christians should bend over backwards to be kinder to people with whom they disagree nor will I apologize for believing that religious people should bend over backwards to obey God’s commands rather than debate them. I won’t apologize for thinking that the “agony aunt” was morally and socially blind who flippantly advised the girl who said she didn’t find males attractive—that she shouldn’t worry about it but to go look for girls. Maybe she’ll advise the next one who finds neither males nor females attractive to go to the zoo. I won’t apologize for thinking that there’s more moral and social worth in the Christian’s position (to say no more) than all this muddledheadedness.

3 thoughts on “I WON’T APOLOGIZE

  1. Mike Williams

    Brother Jim, this is Mike Williams, the preaching minister at the Landmark Church of Christ in Kaufman, Texas. I’d like to talk with you via phone, email, or whatever means is best for you about a particular biblical subject matter. I value your scholarship and heart for God and would appreciate your insight. I’d also like to talk with you about possibly coming to Landmark in the near future sometime and leading our leadership is some thought provoking discussion about church leadership, growth, etc. and then speaking to our congregation as well. You can reach my by email at: mikew6711@gmail.com Have a blessed day!



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