3 thoughts on “QUESTION (2)

  1. jbt

    “….I lay down my life of my own will.”

    Again, there is no life except the life lived willing and doing the will of the Father. That’s what Jesus “came” to show us. (That’s not to say that the life of Jesus was just academic. The life he lives IS his life, everlastingly. There is no other Jesus.) All other forms of living are temporary (Rom 3:25).

    The garden? The garden is Jesus lamenting the meaning and consequences of his death. When the Old Testament prophets wept, it was always for the people; they wept because they knew what their words meant for the people. It was the same for Jesus. Death – and his death in particular – was the marker of and would bring separation from God to those who would reject Jesus.


  2. David

    I think perhaps the answer to these types of questions is “yes” and “no.” (Jn 18:11 -vs- Mk 14:36) Was God “sorry” (Gen 6) that he made man? Am I glad Jesus died on the cross? That depends on the context and perspective something is being looked at. (I think….)


  3. Jim McGuiggan Post author

    I think your point about context is true. Context and perception is everything though it/they aren’t everything, if you know what I mean. Perception alters more than answers, it alters questions.



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